You may already know our creations, or you have just discovered them, and already you know that AN-NEE is a young French brand of accessories revisiting the world of silk.

But hidden behind the fashion accessory, somewhere in Paris, in the countryside or a little far away, I'm here, surely drawing ...


Because, AN-NEE is first and foremost the story of a drawing.

And this drawing tells a story about Time.

People often ask me why "AN-NEE", why did I call my brand like that?

When AN-NEE was just a project, I wondered what I had to say through my need to create. For me, it's impossible to create if I don't have a story to tell, if there is no meaning behind a product, however beautiful it may be. So, I listed all my inspirations, and among them, Time, our relationship to time.


I saw in it a philosophy, an absolute, a thousand designs ... an inexhaustible source of inspiration in fact. Because everything, it seems to me, is made of Time.

AN-NEE, is therefore pronounced like a year, sounds like the metaphor of Time passing, and is written "Alexia Nokovitch née".



Where the classic composition of a Silk scarf is usually square, where the design entirely covers an often very colorful silk, the AN-NEE square for its part, is distinguished by a graphic approach to the design, quite refined, and with an asymmetrical placement that allows - depending on how you fold and wear your square - to bring out the design differently.

I am a lover of color.

Not necessarily the liveliest, the strongest, or the most flashy.

Rather of its chords, its nuances, its subtleties.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

And silk is a very nice medium to let it express itself. It reflects the light, allows the pigments to be released, gives relief and makes the line shine.

So I attach a lot of importance to it in my work, it is inseparable and essential to my history.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Within a collection, I always build three distinct ranges. In winter, two ranges where neutral colors and seasonal colors come together, and a very lively range for those looking for a little color to brighten up their winter. In summer, it's the other way around.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

And all these colors, I will look for them everywhere in life ...

Travel diary from the collection "A winter in Marrakech"

A silk scarf it is beautiful, but not all women wear it easily. Sometimes you don't know how to tie it, and other times you just don't have time. And then, wearing color, we don't always dare.


So I tried to make silk more accessible, by offering smaller dimensions, but above all versatile. A silk bracelet, which goes through the hair. A headband, that we braid, that we tie in turban, or in belt on jeans or a jumpsuit. Shoe laces that are transformed into necklaces.

These little dimensional AN-NEE have managed to seduce you, and one day it made me want to enhance the silk with a touch of elegance by creating my first golden brass cuff in which I woven one of my silk bracelets. The AN-NEE hybrid jewelry, the brand's signature universe, was born in this way.

Like many of you, I am very sensitive to Made in France.

It was therefore important for me to contribute to the preservation of our know-how by producing most of my creations in France, when possible.

AN-NEE silk is digitally printed in Lyon, in a factory labeled "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant", a label which rewards companies with excellent and precious know-how.

Lyon being the city of silk, it is also there that we make all our squares in a small workshop. Our large squares are finished with a flat hem, and our 90 and 70 squares are machine rolled, and their angles are finished by hand.

Our small silk dimensions (bracelets, headbands and laces) are all made in Paris, in the last workshop in the capital specializing in silk.

After a design diploma at the Higher Institute of Applied Arts and graphic design studies at the School of Visual Communication, Alexia Nokovitch cut her teeth as a trainee

in big Houses.


She made her first printed textiles at J ean-Charles De Castelbajac, before collaborating w ith all the team of the Artistic Direction Silk Hermes.

Based on these experiences, Alexia created AN-NEE in 2016

and inscribes its unique universe in the landscape of young high-end French brands.

AN-NEE is today distributed in Printemps in Paris and in

around fifty points of sale in France and abroad.


from 150 € of purchases

in France




in Metropolitan France and in Belgium (special conditions during sales to be consulted in our CVG)

Do you live in Paris or its inner suburbs?

Come and pick up your order for free at our 17th arrondissement workshop, by simply making an appointment!

in Metropolitan France and in Belgium (special conditions during sales to be consulted in our CVG)




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